Students taking standardized test on Super Test Day

By Sam Harding


Super Test day at South will be held on Tuesday. Students from all grades will be taking a standardized test of some type.

Seniors will be taking the ACT, paid for by the school district. Juniors will be taking a practice ACT. Sophomores will be taking a Pre ACT. Freshman will be taking a practice EOC. Seniors are reminded to bring a calculator, and their student ID or driver’s license.

Students can find where they are taking the test posted in various places around the school like in the commons, 400 hallway, or the 200 hallway.

The senior class will meet in the P.A.C. at 7:20 to get ready for the ACT. AT about 7:40 there will be an all school announcement after most students are in their testing locations.

Lunch will be held by class. All Freshman will eat together at about 10:40. Sophomores will eat at about 11:00. Juniors will eat at about 11:40. Seniors will be having lunch on the lawn. The school will be providing a hotdog, chips, and a drink.