Dancing to the Big Apple

Caeden Smithpeter, Online Editor

Graduation is right around the corner for students, beginning their new chapter by leaving high school and moving toward college but not Ariannah Meyers.

This coming fall, Ariannah will be making her big move to the Big Apple where she will pursue her love for dance and makeup. She’ll be auditioning for scholarships for Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway, and Alvin Ailey. She will also be freelancing for makeup but is hoping to get a job at Sephora or Mac.

Ariannah has been making money for makeup by doing girls makeup on prom. One of the girls she did on prom was Junior Katie Dudley.

“Ariannah did everything perfect and how I wanted it. She was very nice and professional through it all,” said Dudley.

Her main focus in New York City is her love for dance. Ariannah has been dancing for almost 17 years. Dancing runs in her family. Her grandmother owns a local dance studio, White Oak Dance Academy, and her mother has danced all over the world.

“I am nervous but excited for her to continue her dance career. It is a tough business, but she will do great things,” said her mother.

Ariannah was on Touch of Silver Dance Team for all of four years and was captain of the team her senior year.

Coach Shelli Ray had a lot of great things to say about Ariannah.

“I am going to miss her personality. She is a very strong-willed young girl, and I think that will do great for her as she takes off on her own,” said Ray.

Ariannah had a little taste of the New York lifestyle when she and her mother went to New York for spring break. They even got trapped there a little longer than expected because of a huge snow storm that hit the east coast. She was able to learn and understand the Subway system, which she will be using every day to travel from her aunt and uncle’s place to her serving job to her dancing/makeup jobs.

Ariannah is very excited about her new chapter of her life.

“I can’t wait to be back in my future home and start a life filled with new people and new adventures, but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss my friends and family from KC,” said Meyers.

She will be spending her last summer here and will be moving to New York City in late August or early September.