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Recent racist events turn the scope on Blue Springs

Staff Editorial

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Recent events here in Blue Springs have made our stomachs turn. One took place right here in our very own school. A sophomore girl was recently singled out when she found one of her papers with the word “nigger” drawn out all the way across it. This act did not go unnoticed, as it shouldn’t. The Kansas City Star reported on it, along with other media outlets. The district later went on to find who did it, but are unable to release the name of the student, due to laws protecting him.

An event transpired at Turn-N-Headz Barbershop that left us with no words. Owner James Price’s shop was vandalized with a death threat and use of “nigger” on the windows. Price was interviewed by the Kansas City Star and expressed his discontent.

“I just hope whoever did it, they see this and probably think twice before ever doing it again because it’s very hurtful,” Price said.

A diversity club, Jags United, made posters in support of the barbershop, some of the members also got a haircut there. For the guys who get haircuts at barbers, and even if you don’t, show your support for Turn-N-Headz and go get one there. We’re sure it’s refreshing to see support in light of such a terrible event.

There’s a fine line between pride and prejudice when it comes to showing your support of the Confederate States of America. Recently, Confederate flags have been confiscated off our school grounds. We have seen numerous flags like this everywhere, we see stickers of the Confederate Flag in a lot of places. According to usflag.org this flag represents honor and states rights, but that’s not how it is widely perceived. We perceive it as a piece of US history that represents and defends slavery. We’re all for showing support for our country, so if you want to show your pride in the United States of America, go fly the modern day American flag. It will convey the message that we hope you are trying to convey.

We simply don’t understand the ignorance and hatred of the racist mind.

Don’t get us wrong; we love our school, we love our teachers, we love our friends. South has taken steps in the positive direction. We now have a diversity club at South, which offers students a way to learn about cultures other than their own. When the barbershop owner experienced the result of a hate crime, we came together to show love and support for him. We are moving in the right direction, but there is still much that needs to be done.

There are some serious issues that don’t make us feel good about the community that we live in. Racism is alive in Blue Springs. It shouldn’t be something that we tolerate. It should be something that we stop.

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Recent racist events turn the scope on Blue Springs