Harry Potter and Star Wars are the best sagas

Colton Robertson, Editor-In-Chief

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After causing a bit of controversy with my last column, I decided to go with a less touchy subject: The greatest movie sagas of all time.

There is only one qualification for me to consider a movie series a saga:ssssss it must be longer than three movies. Now, moving on.

For me there are only two real options. “Star Wars” should rank high among most lists, and “Harry Potter” will rank high on most of my fellow millennial lists.

The way George Lucas and those after that were apart of the creation of “Star Wars” have captured a story like this one spanning over several years is cool to see. Also, the original trilogy was far ahead of its time in terms of special effects. That tends to go underappreciated in the discussion of what “Star Wars” movie was best. Everything about these movies just feels right. The soundtrack is fitting, the characters, the casting, the conflict, all signs point to a good film. More importantly, a good film saga.

Now, “Harry Potter” is quite possibly the greatest film saga of all time. What sets it over the top is the way they show progression of time. In the first movies, Harry and his fellow wizards and witches are so young and innocent. That is portrayed through the creation of the films. Everything is lighter, the villain wasn’t as big and bad, and the children weren’t as skilled as they are in the later films. In the later films, things take a turn for the dark. They have grown, they have seen things, and they have gotten through them, and that is portrayed in the creation of these films.

Honorable mentions include “Fast and Furious,” “Rocky,” and “Twilight.” First off, I always enjoy “Fast and Furious” movies. I do. But what doesn’t make them one of the top is that all the movies feel the exact same. It’s a whole lot of action, and a whole lot of talk about their “family.”

Next, “Rocky” was good, but wasn’t good enough. The reason it makes honorable mention is because of how iconic the franchise itself is. Very few people will not know what you’re talking about if you refer to the name Rocky Balboa. I do enjoy the way the franchise encapsulates overcoming obstacles and perseverance through adversity.

Last, “Twilight” was very enjoyable. It was very entertaining. I enjoyed the story, but it just felt very cheesy. Now I know, I put “Star Wars” in the top two, and those movies are incredibly cheesy. But what I failed to mention earlier is that nostalgia plays a large role in why those movies are so high up there for me.

Ultimately, from a personal standpoint, “Star Wars” is my favorite saga of all time. If I was going to be perfectly objective, I’d say that “Harry Potter” definitely takes the cake for best storyline.

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Harry Potter and Star Wars are the best sagas