South track team relies on depth this season

Mason Rhodes, Reporter

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The boys track team started practice on February 26. The team is excited to get started and they are ready to get to work.

Coach Troy Harding says he’s excited to see the people who are going to be a surprise and end up playing a key role on the team.

“I’m always looking forward to who the surprises are going to be and how much people have improved. That’s really what I look forward to every year,” Harding said.

Sprinter Austin Terry said that he took the extra step and practiced harder than ever.

“I did a lot of running and sprints in the offseason, so hopefully that helps this year,” Terry said.

The team comes into the year with high hopes of sending as many runners as possible to state.  Coach Harding had this to say about the key players for the team this year: “Our biggest component this year is going to be depth. We’re probably not going to have a lot of guys who are going to place 1st and 2nd.  We are going need guys to score four, five and six.”

He also said that he and the coaching staff are going to try and make a serious effort to use tape to help the team succeed.

“We’re going to make a concerted effort to use our video analysis. We bought a couple new iPads and were going to use those to utilize in our field events.”

The team held their time trials on March 10.

When asked about how he’s preparing for it he said this ” I mean its just like any other meet I’m just going to prepare like normal and hopefully after its over we can get something valuable that will help get better overall that’s all that really matters is that we improve today.”

South will hold the Rusty Hodge Invitational on Thursday.


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South track team relies on depth this season