Be smart with body art

Mahquiya Davis, Reporter

Piercings and tattoos seem to be all the rage now a days, and it seems like everywhere you look, at least one person has either one or the other, or maybe even both. But this can be seen as a problem due to some jobs having strict policies against them. Certain jobs have dress codes that say it’s fine to have them, but you either must take your piercings out, replace them with a silver stud, or cover your tattoo/tattoos up. Some companies don’t want them at all. So here’s a few tips to achieving your dream job even if you have tattoos.

Stay away from things that can cause people to become offended. Nudity and gruesome depictions of things are usually a no go as an employer won’t want to hire someone with a very obvious image of a naked woman on their arm in plain sight. It just isn’t very professional. Another thing people should avoid is face tattoos. To me, they look terrible no matter what but they especially look bad when you’re trying to get a job. They’re unprofessional and just plain ugly and most employers tend to pick the guy without obvious face tattoos even if they don’t have all the qualifications they might need. According to, 77% of employers will or might be less likely to hire you if you have tattoos. But because tattoos and piercings have started to become a thing of the norm, most jobs have started to open up to the idea of their employees having them, but some still make you remove your piercings, and cover all visible tattoos because depending on where you work, it could look very unprofessional, or taint the reputation of the company.

Be ready to conceal your tattoos if you are asked. Offer to wear clothes or makeup to hide the tattoo. Be honest. When going to your interview, be honest with them. tell them that you have tattoos/piercings and ask if they have policies against them. Also don’t be afraid to tell them why you got it and what you’ve learned from getting it and how it affects your chances on getting a job. You should also try your best to prove to them that you’re worth hiring, body art or not. Tell them all your good qualities, help them solve a problem within the company if given the chance. Show them that your tattoos and or piercings don’t define you.