Teachers honored nationwide

Colin Brown, Copy Editor

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Blue Springs South debate teacher Kelli Morril has been selected as 1 out of 3 teachers from across the country for impacting the lives of her students.

The recognition came from Ziploc company, which set out a nationwide search for teachers who had profoundly impacted the lives of students. This was part of a campaign to show appreciation for teachers.

A student from Raytown South High School wrote an entry about her and it was selected. As a selected candidate for the award, Morril and hundreds of other teachers were interviewed. Out of those hundreds of excellent teachers, Morril was chosen to be in the top three.

In receiving the award, Morril was flown out to Richmond, VA., to be filmed telling her story. While there, she was surprised by former students and portrayed by artist, Noah Scanlin, in an art piece that was made of school supplies. This portrait will be shown on billboards across the country. Morril will also be on commercials and documentaries meant to advocate teacher appreciation and show the effect teachers have on their students’ lives.

Morril taught at Raytown South for a 10 years teaching forensics and communication classes. There, she built a reputation as a strong teacher of these subjects and activities and surely impacted countless lives.

Morril described the feelings she had upon receiving the news as disbelief, excited, and very humbled.

“It was a humbling experience because I was chosen out of so many other excellent teachers,” Morril said.

In Virginia, Morril was shown a video of all of her students speaking about her impact on their lives.

“In Virginia, after we filmed a 45-minute interview, they showed me a video of all my students talking about me and that’s when I cried because I had no idea the impact I was making,” Morril said.

Morril has undoubtedly reached many through her caring nature as a coach, mentor, and teacher. Now, she has finally received the recognition she earned.