Things to remember for the new one-to-one computers

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Madison Preuett  


The new Microsoft Surface Go’s  are coming faster by the day. With these computers there will be rules and polices students will need to understand. There are 20+ rules in the whole handbook so these are just a few that the students need to understand the most.

  • Students who have not paid for the device fee will be placed on restricted usage. These students will not be able to take the devices home from school.
  • Students who pay will have full usage, which means they can take it home.
  • If you pay the fee the insurance plan will only cover the first repair if the device had a protective cover (which are about 20- 50 bucks that the student must pay for outside of the insurance fee) on it at the time of the damage. If you paid the fee or not, the insurance won’t cover the damage for free if the computer didn’t have a protective cover at the time it was damaged, the repair cost is $50.
  • Each subsequent repair will be about $50.
  • The keyboard and charger are not covered by the insurance fee either. Full replacement must be made to the district if broken or lost.
  • A replacement cost of the computer is $359.10, and the keyboard is $74.99.
  • The device is for the sole use of the student and only that student to whom it is issued
  • The device should only be used for the creation of, storage of, access to, and consumption of school appropriate content. The student should not use the device for anything other than that.
  • Only school personnel may troubleshoot, diagnose, or repair the device.
  • Students must transport the device in a protective case or cover or backpack in and out of school.
  • Any download of unauthorized content, whether on district device or on any personal media storage device (flash drive, SD card, CD, DVD, phone, etc.) that connects to school device or network is a violation of usage policy
  • BSSD utilizes a content filtering system that blocks and logs user internet activity. The students use will be filtered and logged and subject to review by district personnel


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Things to remember for the new one-to-one computers