South JROTC gets a leadership change

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By Amy Pacas

Colonel Stan Cole (left) hands the distinguished unit flag to the new group commander, Triniti Young (middle), at the change of command ceremony. Photo by Eli Wilkinson


At the beginning of every spring semester, the JROTC has a ceremony to announce their change in command for the year to come. At this ceremony, cadets are ranked up, and given new titles for the year.

The ceremony began with a performance from the JROTC Drill team banging their guns on the floor, moving in perfect synch with one another, and barking out orders. Then Master Sergeant Ray Gonzales and Colonel Stan Cole gave out different awards to all the cadets that earned them.

After all the awards were finished, they announced all the new leaders for this year. A lot of cadets were promoted to a higher rank. Cadets, Freshmen to juniors, were mixed in to take charge for the next year. At the end of the ceremony, they announced the “Top 3” or the juniors who are just under Col. and Msgt. The top 3 were chosen by for these positions for their leadership skills, dedication to the program, good academic records, and community involvement.

When the names of the top 3 were about to be read, everyone in the gym was on edge. Nobody had been told in advance about who would get these roles, so the reactions of the cadets were raw and real. There was shock, crying, laughing, and a lot of happiness.

The new top 3 were juniors Triniti Young as group commander, Krystal Hooten as deputy commander, and Connor Wood as group commander chief. These juniors will oversee the AFJROTC until 2nd semester of next year. These positions were previously filled by seniors Isaac Hummel, Miller Hicks, and Nathan Sheppard.

Triniti Young is now the group commander of souths JROTC squad, and that job comes with a lot of responsibilities.

“I just make sure the people working below me are doing their jobs, mostly. I add input when needed but really they’re the ones who make me look good,” said Young about the responsibilities she has with this role.

“I’m looking forward to the next semester. Isaac and the rest of the seniors did a fantastic job setting up the end of the year for us, and I’m anxious to get started on everything ahead, “Young said.

Hummel praised young, “she’s got a big job ahead of her, but I believe in her and I know she’s up to it.”