School changes WIN policy

By Dion Wesley


Editor’s Note; Story Updated with the removal of incorrect information

Associate principle, Shelley Brown, explained why South changed the WIN period. WIN period which stands for “What I need.” Every Wednesday students at south get 50 minutes to make up any work/test or to get help from a teacher. Last semester, we only had WIN periods on Wednesday that were 25 minutes, and every six weeks they were 50 minutes. Now every Wednesday we will have 50 minute WIN periods.

What made South’s administration change the WIN period?

“Last year, everyone requested to have the long WIN period every week. We had numerous students and staff members ask us. Kids would use it more often; a 20-minute one wasn’t even enough time.”

Has the administration thought about having WIN every day?

“No, when they did data on the Wildcat hour and Blue Springs South on the number of D’s and F’s that they had on the beginning of the semester versus the end and there was no difference from doing it everyday to every six weeks.”

What are your thoughts on the new WIN period?

“They’ll use it more because there was not enough time to go to classes with 20 minutes so why not use it to socialize. Dr. Belt said that if we don’t use it appropriately, then he will change it back to doing the hour one every six weeks and the 20 minute one every week.”