12 forensics students qualify for nationals and 5 qualify for state competition

Madi Preuett


This year the forensics team will be heading onto Omaha, Nebraska to compete in nationals on April 11, 2019. There is a total of 12 students who qualified into nationals and 5 of those 12 are also participating in the state competition at Missouri state university. 12 is the most students south have sent to nationals, overcoming the last years number which was 8. Those students that qualified to nationals in program oral interpretation (POI) are Jose Puente, Savannah Justice, Hanna Stracener, and Gage Shrader. Those in humorous interpretation are Ashley Appleberry, Hanna Stracener, and Xander McCourt. In dramatic interpretation there is Jose Puente and Hatty Monore. In Duo there is Katy Mcvay, Emery Downs, Ben Henderson, Alisyn Tharp, Greyson Schaefer, and Xander McCourt. Greyson Schaefer qualified in informative and Gage Shrader qualified in Oratory.

The five that are competing in state are Hatty Monroe (Storytelling), Hanna Stracener with Jose Puente (Duet), Greyson Schafer with Xander McCourt (Duo).

Q&A with sophomore Hanna Stracener:

Q: “What are your events that you’re going in?”

A: “For state I’m going in Duet and for nationals I’m going in humorous interpretation (HI) and POI”

Q: “Would you mind briefly explaining those events?”  

A: “Duet is a partner event and you can look at each other and touch each other which is different than duo where you can’t look at each other or touch each other. HI is just me and I’m doing a humorous play and I play all the characters. POI is I take different dramatic pieces of literature and I program them all into one thing and then preform that with a theme”

Q: “How do you feel about qualifying to nationals and state?”  

A: “I feel really good! It feels really good to see all your hard work pay off”

Q&A with Junior Hatty Monroe:

Q: “Would you mind telling me your events and explaining those briefly?”  

A: “I qualified to state in Storytelling, it is basically where you take a children’s book and you take the outline of that story and you make it your own. I love this event because I really get to showcase what I want to. In nationals I qualified in Dramatic interpretation, which is you take a whole play or book and cut it down into a 10-minute script. This is very challenging, but I did it and I broke into nationals.”

Q: “How do you feel about being a national and state qualifier?” 

A: “I feel very proud of myself because I put in a lot of effort”