Students celebrate Homestuck’s 10th birthday

Arty Mayo



April 13th marks the 10th anniversary of Homestuck, the world’s longest running webcomic. It is one of the largest written works ever made, being over 800,000 words and 8,000 pages. The teen orientated comic is a hit with dozens of fans at South, despite ending almost 3 years ago. Homestuck follows the story of a nerdy kid and his even nerdier friends.

“On his 13th birthday, John Egbert starts playing a mysterious videogame called Sburb. Unfortunately, this triggers the apocalypse. Fortunately, he and his friends can make things right—if they can beat the game.” as told by the official website.

While some fans may be new, others have been involved since the beginning. But most fans have been around since Act 6.

“I got into Homestuck in late 2016 and finished it next year,” says Aidan True, a sophomore student from South. “My favorite troll is Karkat. He’s the cutest, but also one of the most developed, if not the most developed troll by the end of the comic.  It’s not perfect, once guest animators and such were brought on board, things got really inconsistent. There were certain things that should’ve been explained way more. The hiatuses when the comic was still being released were grueling. But I still love it. It does character development in a very good way and Hussie is really good at writing memorable characters that people can easily get attached to and identify with.”

Matt Brace is a junior from South. “I got into Homestuck during 2013 and read it up to when it ended. It was a good influence for me growing up. It was something that brought me together with a lot of friends. I’m happy it was part of my childhood. As for the comic itself, worldbuilding is hard, and Andrew Hussie has somehow mastered it.” Matt continues. “My favorite troll of his is Dualscar. Though I especially like Cronus. In the 8th grade talent show, I cosplayed as him and did the Salt and Pepper Diner routine. I even drew the squiggles on my forehead.”

Paige is possibly the most hardcore fan at South. “I had heard about it around 2014 maybe, wondering from different fandoms. I tried reading it and had quickly decided to abandon it cause I got bored. Now in 2017, I heard that a game related to the Homestuck universe would be released called Hiveswap. This again peaked my interest, and I found myself into the fandom once again. I’ve read through it two or so times to understand it. I played Hiveswap, as well as the friendship simulators. Now I draw fanart and characters based off Homestuck. My favorite troll is Karako Pierot! He’s this little clown who’s trying to be a good one. He’s not like the rest of the clowns from Homestuck because he’s smaller than the rest, but he’s really feisty.”

Safe to say, Homestuck will stick around for quite a lot longer. Fans still wait eagerly for the epilogue, though nobody is sure if or when it will happen.