New music to discover this summer

By Arty Mayo


As our school year closes off, we will be looking to do anything and everything we couldn’t while strapped to our desks. Whether it be leaving the country on vacation to make everyone jealous once you return, or to stay in your bed past noon, it’s best accompanied with music to fit the mood.  

Tyler the Creator has returned this spring with Igor, a transparent look inside the feelings of Tyler, featuring many artists such as Cee Lo Green and Lil Uzi Vert, as well as A$AP Rocky. This highly anticipated album has been well received by fans, as well as topped charts and records. If you haven’t yet given Tyler a chance, try him out. 

For mental health awareness month, Elohim dropped a seven track EP titled “Braindead, all with songs discussing depression, anxiety, and what it’s like to live with daily with mental illness. Along with music, she dropped two episodeof a mini documentary with the same name that goes further into the topic of mental health, and why getting help is important. For any day it feels hard to get out of bed and go through with your summer plans, this could be a helping hand. 

Rav brings back his lofi hip-hop vibes with his newest album Vestiges” featuring Kill Bill the Rapper. Now including even more ambience, sampling, and emotional turmoil. This new mixtape includes his best tracks, including And That’s Me, a relatable telling of insecurity and self-judgment. Or Wings, a song literally impossible not to dance to, with an upbeat kick backed by intense rapping. If you like underground artists, he deserves a spot in your playlist. 

Grant pulls at the heartstrings with Color, his newest released on Monstercat. His emotional drops fit well with the rest of his discography, bringing out inspiration and creativity. Grant is expected to bring an EP this summer, as well as drop new singles along the way. 

If you are an old fan of Gorillaz (or have never heard of them), The Now Now is a perfect album to play on the hottest days of the year. With Humility being its opening track, expect a fun, light hearted time. Besides, you can’t go wrong with Gorillaz.