Schlotzky’s opens location near 40 and 7 highways

By Quinton Robertson

Outside of the recently opened Schlotzsky’s off 40 and 7.
Photo by Amy Pacas

Design Editor 

Schlotzsky’s was recently opened near 40 and 7 in Blue Springs.  Schlotzsky’s was founded in Austin, Texas. This restaurant is known for their sandwiches. I would compare Scholtzsky’s to McAlister’s Deli. Inside of the restaurant is more unique than traditional. Their menu consists of a variety of sandwiches, pizza, salads, and Cinnabons.  They recently took mac and cheese and sliders off the menu. Those items were seasonal dishes. There is quite a bit of gluten friendly and vegetarian options.  Most of the classic menu is made on fresh toasted sourdough bread. From the 2 times that I have been, both sandwiches I got were decent, but not great in my opinion.                                     

Most of the classic menu is made on fresh toasted sourdough bread. The first time I went to Schlotzsky’s I had a medium Spicy Turkey BBQ Bacon Smokecheesy Sandwich. The medium was a generous portion, I think small would be plenty. The bread sets it apart. The texture, in a way, reminds me of one big toasted English muffin. The barbeque sauce was not as good as I was expecting. The other time I went, I got a Turkey Bacon Club. This sandwich was much better than the Turkey BBQ Sandwich. The bacon was nice and crispy. I also got a side of the loaded baked potato soup. The soup was topped with bacon bits, cheddar cheese, and green onions. It’s a good combination that includes hearty chunks of potatoes along with a creamy consistency. They advertise that it is made from scratch daily. I tend to believe that the prices are reasonable as well.