The debate over Christmas music

By Jasmin Jenkins

photo from public


When is it okay to listen to Christmas music is a big question that needs to be answered. Is it right after October 31st, after Thanksgiving, or the beginning of December. 

There aren’t any Thanksgiving songs and many of my neighbors have put up Christmas lights and festive decorations. Christmas music is so uplifting, how could you not want to listen to it as soon as possible? It’s classic albums such as the Pentatonix’s “That’s Christmas to Me”, and Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas” album that make me feel the Christmas Spirit. 

It just depends on the person you are that defines when you can listen to Christmas music. 

If you’re really into the whole Christmas spirit and love the season, you’d enjoy the music. When I hear Christmas music it reminds me of a warm fire and the smell of cinnamon and just the thought of giving. Christmas music is just so uplifting, and joyful. 

Every Christmas song has a meaning of what Christmas is about the key essentials and not just gifts. Christmas music embodies family, love, and great jingles. 

Now, if you believe it’s too early to listen to Christmas music I don’t want to say you’re wrong but you are wrong. I mean, come on, Mariah Carey agrees with when the clock strikes midnight and it becomes November 1st, Christmas music is to be played to fullest. On November 1, 2018, Mariah posted a meme of herself saying me on Oct 31 in a witch vs me on November 1 with her in a Santa costume now think that says it all. 

Although I can see the grinches coming out while reading this article, I can say Christmas music should listen to the day after Halloween because that’s just the way it should be.