Christmas Q&A

By Emily Wilson

Avery Albin

Henry Sheridan

Landon Kovac

Assistant Editor

Addie Lightner

Gannon Grieb

South students answered questions about how they spend the holidays.
What’s your favorite thing to do in Kansas City for Christmas?

Landon Kovac, junior: My family always goes down and look at all the lights all over KC.

Henry Sheridan, junior: I like to go see the Plaza lights.

Addie Lightner, senior: My family always goes to see Christmas in the Park.

Avery Albin, freshman: My favorite thing to do in kc for Christmas is go look at all the lights downtown.

Gannon Grieb, sophomore: My favorite thing to do in Kansas City for Christmas is to go to the Plaza with my family and see the lights.

Taylor Nicholson, senior: I love to go ice skating in crown center.
What’s the best present you’ve been given and who gave it to you?

LK: My favorite present I’ve been given is life itself. I’m very blessed with amazing people and opportunities every day.

HS: Best present I’ve received was probably my phone from my mom.

AL: My favorite present was trip to Mexico from my parents.

AA: The best present I’ve been given was going to Hawaii and this trip was given to me by my parents.

GG: The best present I’ve ever gotten for Christmas is a dirt bike from my parents.

TN: My favorite gift was my cat when I was 8 and my parents surprised me with her.

What’s your family’s tradition for Christmas?

LK: We always go to our churches Christmas mass

HS: Our tradition is we make pizzas and drink sparkling cider on Christmas Eve. We also watch elf and a Christmas story.

AL: All the kids always open matching pjs on Christmas eve.

AA: My family’s Christmas tradition is going to Christmas in the Park.

GG: I watch movies.

TN: tradition is staying in our pajamas all day
What’s your favorite Christmas song?

LK: My favorite song is “Blue Christmas” by Elvis

HS: I like “Jingle Bells”.

AL: “Jingle Bells” is my favorite.

AA: My favorite Christmas song is “That’s Christmas to Me” by Pentatonix
GG: My favorite Christmas song would have to be “All I want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey

TN: My favorite is “Little St Nick” by the Beach Boys!