2020-2021 school year schedule

By Connor Curry


Next year is right around the corner , and the is a little different compared to years in the past. The start of the year for teachers is on the 17th of August and just a week later on the 24th the 2020-21 school year starts for students. South Principal Charlie Belt explained why school starts late next year.

“The Missouri General Assembly, our house of Representative and the State Senators, passed a law that states school cannot start any earlier than ten days prior to Labor Day Weekend.”

In the month of September, students have the first Monday off for Labor Day. Parent Teacher Conferences are on Oct. 30th – Nov. 3rd. They are late because of the late start to the school year. Thanksgiving Break begins on the 25th and ends on the 27th of November. Students then have a late start to Christmas Break beginning two days before Christmas on the 23rd.

Second Semester starts on January 6th. On the 18th, Martin Luther King Jr Day occurs and we have a day off for that. In February we are off on the 15th for President’s Day. Spring Break is March 15th – 19th, not accounting for the weekends.

In the month of April, we get that first Friday off for Easter Break. Finally, our last day of school is scheduled for May 25th.