A guide to help students understand politics before voting

By Jasmin Jenkins


Understanding politics can be quite challenging. This is simply because there are so many political parties and issues it can get super confusing quick. It’s easy to become a follower of the media, but before you vote, you’ll need to understand the concepts.

Senior high school students graduating this year need to grasp this information because the class of 2020 is going to be voting in this upcoming presidential election. It can seem scary at first, but with a few tips come November 2nd you’ll be ready to hit the polls.

First, it is important do your research. If you are voting for someone, look them up study their values and really take the time to educate yourself on the subject. Make sure when you look up these things you want to make sure they are government websites. For example: government websites that have “.Edu” and “.Gov” are credible sites.

Second, you need to understand yourself and your beliefs. When a topic is brought up, think about the situation and ask yourself what would you do? Getting in touch with yourself helps your mind become clear and you won’t be subjected to be a follower of the media.

Thirdly, have an open mindset. There are a lot of social media outlets that can influence the way you think. The main ones are Twitter, and Instagram, but one that you wouldn’t expect is snapchat. Snapchat now has political ads that last about 10-15 seconds. This is an app many teenagers use daily so seeing those here and there cause you to lean one way as well. So, make sure you check the facts first.

Lastly, listen to both sides. Initially once you figure out the side you have chosen, you might not care or listen to the counter side. The importance of knowing facts on both sides comes in handy because you can view others points and comprehend why their opinions are the way they are.

Being that we are the class that is going to vote in this year’s presidential election it is important to understand before just winging it or not voting. Voting is important because it allows voices to be heard and for our country to make a collective decision.