South students become fans of Netflix series ‘Outer Banks’

By Hannah Smith

News II


A new teen mystery series on Netflix called “Outer Bank”s has viewers in a craze, reaching Netflix’s #1 most-watched show in less than 2 weeks after the release. With a stunning cast and a mysterious plot, it has the viewers wanting more. Only starting off with one season released has caught the attention of many, and raised questions about what is next.

There has not been an official release date yet for season two due to the shutdown production caused by COVID-19. Critics have been estimating that at the earliest it will release late in the year of 2021( The mystery series is about a group of teenagers seeking lost treasure that many people were obsessed over finding. John B’s dad set sail to figure out where it was but never came back, leaving clues in his office that John B and his group of friends would later on end up following even though there were many obstacles ahead. Even though the cast can’t give the viewers a new season they are wanting, that hasn’t stopped the cast from partaking in interviews to keep the viewers engaged.

“Since the first season came out, I can’t wait for the next. I have been watching a lot of interviews and behind the scenes to still feel like I’m getting the chance to see more,” said junior Alyssa Lashure.

The star of the hit series John B. played by Chase Stokes has been doing multiple online interviews with co-star Sarah Cameron played by Madelyn Cline. Talking about future plans with the show and answering questions the two stars did a Zoom interview with Chicks in the Office. Following that up with answering questions on MTV News.

The cast of the series “Outer Bank”s is what makes the fans so obsessed. The little friend group living their crazy life off the shores of the outer banks is the perfect fit. Main character John B., played by Chase Stokes, is more of the leader and decision maker of the group. This will be his acting debut, being the only show or movie, he has been in. By his side he always has his crazy and outgoing best friend JJ played by Rudy Pankow who has been getting a lot of attention from the female viewers. Rudy has been seen in two other films but not as a main character. The brains and the timid of the group is Pope played by Jonathan Daviss, who is very likeable. Jonathan has been in two other films, starring as one of the main characters in the movie “Edge of the World.” The stunning and final member of the group is Kiara played by Madison Bailey; she keeps the balance in the group because of her chill vibes and great personality. Madison has been included in two other movies but played small rolls unlike her roll in “Outer Banks.” One last main character who is not particularly part of the group of friends is Sarah Cameron, played by Madelyn Cline. She has appeared in multiple other movies in her acting career.

“My favorite character is Kiara because her mindset and attitude reminds me a lot of myself in some ways,” said junior Kyla Braden.

Everyone I have talked to has always had something good to say about this hit series. It keeps you on edge and makes you want more. Outer Banks is the show of this year in my opinion and is overall worth the time to watch.

“The first episode it was a little slow so I thought this was going to be stupid, but I started getting hooked and couldn’t turn my TV off. You just get so attached to the characters, their stories, and their goals,” said junior Emmory Michael.