South welcomes new athletic trainer


South trainer Andre Taylor tends to a South soccer player during a home match. Photo by Hailey Schinderling

South trainer Andre Taylor tends to a South soccer player during a home match. Photo by Hailey Schinderling

By Liv Edwards

The Jag


Andre Taylor is the new athletics trainer at Blue Springs South. He has very much enjoyed is time here at South so far and is looking forward to the 2020-2021 school year.

Mr. Taylor is very passionate about sports. He wrestled and played football in high school. He also continued his football career at Missouri Valley College, where he also got his bachelor’s degree, majoring in athletics training and exercise science. He also attended Arkansas State University to get his master’s degree in exercise science.

Taylor has been a certified athletics’ trainer for eight years now. He spent two years at Arkansas University, two years at Fort Scott Community College, and four years at Smith-Cotton High School, before transferring here.

Going into college, Taylor didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do. It wasn’t until through his freshman year that he realized sports were his true calling.

“The Introduction to Athletic Training class I felt was too hard and almost changed my major. But I am glad I stuck it out because I love it. The thing I love most about my job, besides the fact that I am right on the sideline during sporting events, is when the athlete gets to return to their sport and they are healthy, and you see them do something good or just see how happy they are to be back out there competing again.”

Making relationships with athletes comes naturally with the job, so once Taylor sees a student athlete back to doing what they love, it brings him just as much joy as the athlete is feeling. But with that comes the devastating feeling of when he must tell an athlete how long they can’t play for or when the day they were supposed to be back to normal gets extended.

Even though every day of work varies, the usual responsibilities include paperwork, making phone calls, and setting up treatments for student athletes. And once the school day is over, and sports’ practices are about to begin, is when all the busy work begins.

“When the athletes get out of school the athletic training room starts to fill up. So, I am running around everywhere, tapping, rehabilitating, and evaluating athletes for injuries before practice and sometimes during practice. It can get pretty crazy and busy.”

Outside of work, Taylor likes to spend time with his wife and daughter, and his daughter will be turning three this Saturday. They like to send a lot of time outside doing yard work and exploring new ideas for their house.