Bubble tea pops up near Blue Springs

By Karly Bonsasa

Design Editor

Bubble tea is a popular drink spreading around the nation, and now there are even coffee shops based off the beverage. Fat Bee has opened locations in Lee’s Summit and Overland Park. Many people, even students, have visited this particular shop with their friends for the drinks and food. 

While Fat Bee, 880 NW Blue Parkway, Lee’s Summit, isn’t talked about too much, it’s still popular for the boba drinks and sweet desserts they serve. Fat Bee is open during the hours of 11:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. all week long. They have a variety of coffees and teas along with multiple kinds of boba and toppings. This shop not only has drinks but has special desserts. 

I have had the Oreo crumble crowaffle, this is basically a croissant cooked on a waffle maker, hence the name crowaffle. This treat was a surprise, as the first bite was crunchy like a croissant. The crispiness and creativeness of the crowaffle was entirely enjoyable. If you like croissants or waffles with extra toppings, crowaffles are definitely the way to go.  

I also had a taste of the Okinawa tea with brown sugar boba. The tea itself had a sweet taste that was strong when you take the first sip, it felt like a strong wave had suddenly crashed against you. The boba pearls were fun to chew; having never tried boba before, it was a new and exciting experience, especially with the hype surrounding it. I personally don’t like the brown sugar boba, so the Okinawa with brown sugar boba pearls wasn’t my favorite, but it was still very good. 

Everything served ranges from $4-$6. I spent about $5 (plus tax) for the crowaffle. It was worth the money, and I definitely plan on spending it again. Next time, it might be the cinnamon sugar crowaffle, the cheesecake or maybe even the popping pearls with a special fruit tea. There are so many options and all of them seem to be worth a shot.