Special education teacher retiring after a long teaching career


Vickie Dowler

By Connor Latlip

The Jag

After a 22-year long career at Blue Springs South, special education teacher Vickie Dowler is retiring.  

Dowler has spent her entire career teaching at South, and she remembers how much fun she experienced during her time here.  

“I had fun doing the lip-sync with Mrs. Schuberth, and she wasn’t expecting it. But I thought it would be fun to do,” Dowler said.  

During her own school years, Dowler went to the University of Central Missouri for college. After she graduated, she found that South was the place she wanted to teach at.  

“When I started teaching here, the people were so welcoming and nice. They were all just nice people, always willing to help you when you needed it the most.” Dowler said.  

With the end of her teaching career coming closer and closer, Dowler is going to miss her teacher friends that she has made over the years, and the students that she taught.  

“I’m going to miss the kids mostly; I’m going to miss my colleagues that I’ve formed relationships with over the years. We hang out outside of school, so I’m going to miss that.” Dowler said. 

The reason that Dowler is retiring is because she is going to take care of her daughter that has two kids, one is a year old and one is three years old, and her daughter recently moved to Seattle, Washington. So, Dowler will help her daughter with the move, to get her settled. Dowler seemed like she didn’t want to retire, but her family comes first.  

“I don’t think I would retire if it wasn’t for my daughter needing me.”   

Dowler has had a good career at South, and she has had a great time teaching here because of the people she has worked with, and she said that it makes her want to come to work.  

“It’s the people that made my time here fun, and teaching at South was great. The teachers that I started out with and the teachers that I worked the longest with are just good people,” said Dowler.