Joey Lorek headed to West Point

By Connor Latlip

The Jag

Blue Springs South Jaguar Joey Lorek got accepted into West Point, the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, and the Air Force Academy. 

The reason why Lorek wants to be in the army is because his parents are in the government, and he wants to serve his country like his parents did.  

“I’ve always thought of the military as a way to serve,” Lorek said. 

Lorek is also a soccer player, he played soccer for South all four years and he said that he’ll try to balance sports with school and military duty.  

What Lorek will do to prepare is staying in shape, and taking the hardest classes that he can while getting good grades. 

Lorek is very excited for this new opportunity, but also a little bit nervous. 

“I’m extremely excited, but also pretty nervous. So, it’s a mixed of both, but I am excited.” 

Getting accepted into West Point and the Air Force Academy is very difficult, said Col. Stan Cole, the Air Force JROTC teacher who went to the Air Force Academy in the 90s. He said that in order be accepted, the student must be outstanding academically, students who are at least in the top 25% in their graduating class, someone who is involved with sports and other activities, and someone who can give back to the community. 

 “It’s kind of a whole-person concept, if you will. Academics, athletics, activities, and community service as well,” Cole said.  

As an Air Force Academy student, Cole went through basic training, and Lorek will do that at West Point when he gets there in June.  

“Joey will be going through BCT, which is basic cadet training and there’s going to be a lot of physical activity, learning how to become a soldier. So, they’ll do lots of running and working out,” said Cole.  

After 30 days of basic training, Lorek will be a full-time student, going to class 6-7 hours a day, followed by intercollegiate activities or some kind of athletics. At night he will have some type of military activity.  

“It’s a very rigorous academic program, so in his freshman year, he’ll load up on core science, math, technology, and engineering classes. After Joey’s first year, it becomes more of a college experience and less of a military academy, although the military pieces are woven throughout the whole 4 years.” Cole said. 

 Cole was very excited that Lorek got accepted into the Air Force and West Point, but he chose West point over the Air Force academy.  

“I’m very excited. I would tease him a little bit because he chose West Point over Air Force and as an Air Force Academy grad I always say, ‘friends don’t let friends go to West Point,’ but in this case this is what he wants to pursue, so obviously we’re all excited for him,” Cole Said.