The 2023 literary-art magazine

By Connor Latlip

The Jag

The Mirrors of the Soul: Nostalgia 2023 literary-art magazine is on sale for $5. To purchase your copy, go to room 924. Here’s a list of authors and artists who appear in the magazine. 

Authors: Alannah Hodges, Caitlin Mooney, Riley Berridge, Kendall Morris, Camay Robison, Vincent Medina, Hunter Smith, Audrey Legg, Addison McBrayer, Sydney Garnica, Lily Sholes, Maria McKillip Esparaza, and many others.  

Artists: Lucas Roach, Jamison Timko, Kait Patton, Samantha Nguyen, Landon Wickham, Zoey Hayden, Lillian Cook, Mya Morgan, Lainey Vaughan, Cole Vest, Kayla Hurley, Griffin Sanderson, Logan Holt, Clarice Delles, Logan Lisner, Samuel Orme, Morgan Trieb, and 7 other students.