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South alumna is drawn back into her alma mater

Jackson Larue
This is the new art teacher Felicity French. She is a alumna of Blue Springs South.

The Jag

Felicity French, an alumna of Blue Springs South, has come back to her former school to teach art.

“I graduated from South. And so, when (art teacher Carlee) Martin called me and told me that there was a job opening, I knew that I had to come back and at least try for it,” French said.

This is French’s first teaching job and her dream job. She said that she was very happy when she landed the job.

“It is amazing. I feel so at home, I have people every day that come up and ask me if I’m okay or if I need anything. So, from the beginning, it’s been very welcoming,” French said.

French’s goal is to just help kids learn to love art and do art with them.

“I love art, first off, and then as I was learning art, I learned that I was good at kind of helping other people to…find their creative voice,” French said.

Though she has made a lot of types of art, her favorite is ceramics.

“I really love ceramics. That’s what I went to college for, but I love printmaking. And in terms of style of art, I really like surrealism. So, the weird art,” French said.

French went to Northwest Missouri State University and got her art education degree, but of course the emphasis was in her favored ceramics.

When not at school or doing school, French likes to be outside and be with her family.

“I spend a lot of time with my family. I love to be outdoors…camping or fishing, or anything like that, and I really like live music. So, I go to a lot of concerts,” French said.

French says that she is planning to stay for a long time.

“Hopefully I can just learn to meet everybody where they’re at and help to build them up and better myself along with bettering students,” she said.

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