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Danish foreign exchange student has arrived at South

Foreign exchange student Astrid Auning
Grace Williamson
Foreign exchange student Astrid Auning

Over the Atlantic Ocean, across Spain’s plateau, and through Germany’s forested hills, and nearly on the border between Germany and Denmark is the home of foreign exchange student Astrid Auning; Gråsten, Denmark.

This year, Auning is one of the five foreign exchange students at South.

However, this isn’t the first time Auning has been in the U.S.

“I lived in Seattle before with my dad for like, half a year. And I just fell in love. I went to middle school. … And then I just wanted to become an exchange student,” says Auning.

Auning says that one of the most shocking things about the U.S. is how much food there is.

“There’s a lot of fast food here. We only have McDonald’s and Burger King.” She says. “Just the portions there are a lot bigger and there’s a lot more sugar and stuff.”

Auning says that school here isn’t as difficult as what she’s used to, it’s set up differently.

“I’m surprised that you go to the same classes every day,” says Auning. “We have it very mixed up. So, you go to different classes different days. … And you sit in the same classroom. So, the teachers come to you.”

Auning says that learning English wasn’t a challenge either.

“It was not that hard. And I’ve been like having studied it since like first grade. So, we learn it very young,” says Auning.

Something that Auning enjoys is how kind people are to her here.

“I love how nice people are. And people are very sweet here. And it’s bigger here. Everything is,” says Auning.

However, she does not enjoy the lack of public transportation.

“[I don’t like] that you have to drive everywhere. And you don’t have public transportation,” says Auning.

When not at school, Auning enjoys being with friends and shopping.

“I did dive,” she says, “And then I like to shop. I don’t know if that counts as a hobby. And hanging out with friends,”

Auning plans to come back to the U.S. after her exchange year.

“I think I’m already going back in 2025, where I’m going to travel country and then down the East Coast, and then down to Missouri again,” says Auning.

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