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Learn to read and write with Gage Shrader

Gage Schrader is an English teacher here at South. He’s a South alumnus. Photo by Laci Winship

By Dahlia Taylor

The Jag

Gage Shrader knew he wanted to be an English teacher at South his sophomore year at South. He made his dream a reality; he now teaches freshman English. But before becoming a teacher, he attended The University of Central Missouri  

Shrader’s goal is to create a safe space for his students where they can express and be themselves. He hopes his students walk away feeling more confident in their reading and writing abilities. He wants to recreate the environment his teachers made for him, which is why he became a teacher in the first place.  

“I like teaching English because words are powerful,” he said  “English, and learning about it, can help you become more powerful when expressing yourself. It’s awesome to see students express themselves and share their wonderful ideas with others.”  

“My students have made wonderful products They make me laugh and make me look forward to teaching them every day.” He said. 

 It’s unlike anything Shrader has done before. He’s surprised and impressed with his students’ works.  

“Teaching has been a delightfully different experience” he said. 

Shrader’s favorite memory at South was attending the forensics and debate banquet his senior year. He had attended the banquets since his 9th grade year, and he always looked up to the seniors. “Getting to celebrate my time in the program with people I loved was extremely special and satisfying.” he said  

            Jason Strait, Cathey Sheridan, Marlee Bunch & Katie Rucinsk are all people who all used to or still work at South inspired Shrader to become a teacher  

“My teachers helped me feel safe and find joy in school. They taught me to take pride in my work, ability, and self as a person. And, overall, they taught me endless lessons.” he said  

When he’s not teaching English, he’s listening to Taylor Swift and playing on the Nintendo Switch with his little brother.  

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