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The student media site of Blue Springs South High School

The student media site of Blue Springs South High School


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Move around South with Nick Weinel

Nick Weinel is special education teacher at south. He likes working out with his wife. Photo by Jackson Large

By Dahlia Taylor

The Jag

Nick Weinel is one of South’s special education teachers. But before he taught here at South, he taught in the Warrensburg School District where he then taught at Raytown High School for 9 years. This year marks Weinel’s 13th year teaching. His Typical Schedule has him all around the building depending on the day  

“I am in 3 rooms for regular schedule, and then I have a separate room for Jag hour” He said. 

When he’s not helping students, he’s working out or hanging out with his wife and their small group of friends. 

“I enjoy working out. I think it’s necessary for mental health and overall physical wellbeing, my wife and I have our group of friends we enjoy spending our time with.” He Said.  

Weinel bounced from college to college he first went to Longview community college  

“It was closer to where I lived, and I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to go anywhere distance wise.” He said  

He originally went to college to be a history teacher during his time at college he worked with an organization that worked with high school students. Where he began substitute teaching where he found he liked being an influence and a positive role model. He then went to what was known as Central Missouri State University now known as UCM (University of Central Missouri) where he graduated with a major in criminal justice and a minor in Religious Studies  

“That’s when I started subsitiute teaching, I went to finish my degree even though I wasn’t going to use the degree.” He said.  

He then went back to school to get his Masters of education at Rockhurst University so he could be in the classroom full time and during the pandemic he got his administration degree in case he ever wanted to be a principal.   

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