From middle school to high school

Renee Jack

Renee Jack

By Connor Latlip

The Jag

Renee Jack wanted to become a teacher ever since she was a child because her brother was a teacher and that inspired her to be a teacher. He was a para-professional at South, then he taught business classes at Wyandotte High School, and then he became an assistant principal at Raytown High School.  

“I grew up wanting to become a teacher. My older brother was a teacher and I wanted to do what he wanted to do.” Jack said. 

Jack is a new math teacher at South. She has taught for 11 years, her first 10 years at East Gate Middle School,  which is in the North Kansas City School District  

Jack wanted a change. She wanted to get into Blue Springs, so she interviewed at Delta Woods Middle School, but someone else got the job. Jack said the Blue Springs administrator asked her if she was interested in teaching high school and she yes. 

“I thought it would be an exciting new adventure,” she said.

Jack loves being around kids and teaching. She has taught, sixth grade, and now high school.  

“I like just hanging round kids all day and building relationships with them,” she said. 

Jack started out at Longview College, then she transferred to University of Central Missouri where she got her bachelor’s degree, and then she went to Webster University to get her master’s degree.  

Jack grew up in Odessa, Missouri, where she went to elementary school, and she moved to Blue Springs when she was in 5th grade and has stayed here ever since.  

Jack wanted to teach here because she lives in Blue Springs, and she graduated from Blue Springs High School. 

“My kids will go to Blue Springs and being in Blue Springs has always been a dream of mine,” Jack said.  

Jack is married, her husband’s name is James, and he also graduated from Blue Springs High School. She has a 4-year-old son named Earl and a one-year-old daughter named Rayland.  

Jack’s hobbies are that she enjoys working out, hanging out with her kids and spending time outside.