Peter and the Starcatcher Q&A with Mr. Hayne

Peter and the Starcatcher Q&A with Mr. Hayne

Connor Curry


Q: What is “Peter and the Starcatcher” about?

Mr. Haynes: The play is a prequel of Peter Pan. It’s about the adventures of Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and Wendy’s Mom named Molly, but they all have different names because this is when they first met.

Q: Who are the main characters in the play?

Mr. Haynes: The main characters in the play would be “Peter Pan”, his Lost boys, Princess and Tedd, Captain Hook but in the play, they call him Black Stache, and Tinkerbell is in there somewhere but isn’t really a main character.

Q: Who are the actors and actresses in the play?

Mr. Haynes: We have a ton of talent. We have Micheal White playing Peter Pan, Cordelia Williams playing the princess, Lizzie Rowlson playing Tedd, Emory Downs playing Black Stache, and a lot more.

Q: Why did you choose to do “Peter and the Starcatcher”?

Mr. Haynes: Yeah, so basically, I have this thing where I try and out-do myself every year. And it’s just a really tough play, and now that we have the resources for the play. We definitely tried to hit a homerun this year.