Legally Blonde comes to South

By Jasmin Jenkins


South students who participate in the musicals never disappoint us with their productions. This year’s musical is nothing other than “Legally Blonde.”

The plot of the play starts with Elle Woods being broken up by her boyfriend Warner because he’s going to Harvard, while she is at UCLA. The problem is she must get into Harvard to find him. Elle must go to a boatload of classes and do things to win his heart. The musical is almost exactly like the movie itself according to theater teacher Tim Haynes.

“If you have ever seen the movie, it’s the same as the plot, just with music,” Haynes said.

The lead role was cast to Madelyn Padget who is playing Elle Woods. Madelyn is a talented actor and vocalist who has dreamed of landing this part since it was a little.

“Ever since eighth I’ve wanted to play Elle Woods. I’ve been so dead set on getting this part it’s always been a part of me that I’ve wanted to release,” Padget said.

Along with Padget, other roles are being played, such as Vivian Kensington. Vivian is played by Cordelia Williams. Kensington is Warner’s fiancé and she is the antagonist in the musical because she is threatened by Woods’ presence. Kensington feels threatened because Woods is trying to get Warner back.

Playing these big roles, the girls find some difficulties within the musical as well but with practice. They’ll be able to put on a great production.

“I think the biggest difficulty for me is going to be keeping my energy up. Elle Woods is known for her energy,” Padget said.

Technical wise, Cordelia is in a note in the song she finds more difficult.

“I have to hit a high flat, and that’s what is the most difficult for me,” Williams said.

This production is so big the cast of the play practices every day for about three and a half hours.

“Practice is every single day from 2:30-6:00, so it’s a long day,” Haynes said.

The play dates will be February 27th, 28th, and 29th. All shows are at 7pm. Also, on Saturday the 29th there is a show at 1pm. Tickets cost $10 and the posters around the school have QR codes you can scan to buy tickets early to get good seats.